Reviews for Navigate Paris

Troy T.

Our tour with Anne was an ideal introduction to Paris. She was helpful, kind, interesting and very knowledgeable of the city. The tour was perfect for everyone in our group (2 adults and 2 kids), taking in several sites, shops and restaurants as well as a few streets that we would not have found without Anne. If it is your first trip to Paris...or even your 15th...I would absolutely recommend a tour with Anne.

Angela T.

Anne was a FABULOUS guide during my recent quick trip to Paris. I needed somebody who'd give me a taste of the highlights and get me situated for a day on my own. She came to meet me at my hotel and met some of my colleagues and helped them make some plans also - she was so relaxed and sweet that they mistakenly thought she was a friend of mine. Anne got to know me and gave me some great suggestions to tailor my plans for the next day and we had fun walking and taking the metro around for the remainder of our time together. It was raining, but she was unflappable about making the most of our time, which I appreciated. Anne is well connected in the city and seems to know lots of interesting people, so her tour had a real insider feel. I'd highly recommend this well qualified Vayable guide!

Craig G.

We enjoyed a very nice tour with Anne plus she gave us great suggestions for the rest of our stay in Paris. We like the Vayable model and Navigate Paris with Anne is a winner. A high recommendation for those looking for a personalized outing in this great City.

Kate J.

Anne was a wonderful guide on our first trip to Paris! We scheduled to meet with her only a few hours after we arrived and we think it was the best money we spent on our trip. She was kind enough to help us navigate the metro, she gave us helpful tips on where to get delicious food, and tailored our experience to where we wanted to sightsee. After leaving us, we promptly received an email from Anne with a summary of the locations we visited, a few tips, and some suggestions. I highly recommend hiring Anne as a guide for your trip to Paris!


What a wonderful three hours we spent with you Anne.. Thank you so much for the wealth of your experience.. Would not have managed Paris without you.. Got ourselves back to Saint Germain on the metro and then a bus with very little bother... Doug and I enjoyed our time in you company, it felt like being with an old friend...and by the way the cemetery was a great success Doug and I enjoyed searching out many great historians.. Not to mention Jim,Oscar and Fred..the links you sent have been helpful Anne , we wish you well in your life and totally recommend a chat a stroll and a hot chocolate with you .. Regards Donna And Doug Showell

Linda H.

Anne was a wonderful guide! She led us on a tour of well-chosen sites based on our interests, while sharing helpful tips and fascinating tidbits about life in Paris along the way. I also really appreciated her communication before and after the tour. Before the tour, she asked us several questions so that she could learn about our interests, and then she sent us recommendations for restaurants, museums, etc. After the tour, she followed up with a recap of the places we had visited as well as a few more recommendations, based on our conversations during the tour. Also, when I contacted her after the tour to get her advice about a possible pickpocketing scam that we were afraid we'd become victims of, she went out of her way to help us rectify the situation. We highly recommend this guide/tour!

Jonathan L.

Anne did a great job showing my wife and I around Paris during our honeymoon. We explored areas of the city we might not have otherwise seen while acclimating ourselves to the metro and bus systems. Not only that, but Anne showed us how to figure out where we are and get to where we would like to go regardless of where are you in the city and gave us some suggestions for places to visit later on our trip.

Jonathan L.

Anne did a great job showing my wife and I around Paris during our honeymoon. We explored areas of the city we might not have otherwise seen while acclimating ourselves to the metro and bus systems. Not only that, but Anne showed us how to figure out where we are and get to where we would like to go regardless of where are you in the city and gave us some suggestions for places to visit later on our trip.

Lynne L.

Anne did an awesome job showing us how to get our barings about Paris!! We arrived and met with Anne our first day and she took us by subway to the spectacular Basilique du Sacre Coeur!! While in the area she shared with us how to use the unique public bathrooms and free public water. We then left there by bus learning how to navigate this system. Anne was a delight as she also shared with us her knowledge of the background and culture of Paris. I would recommend this to anyone.


Anne was a great guide for my wife and me on our first visit to Paris. She is extremely cheerful and friendly and full of knowledge of the city that she is eager to share. She was very willing to tailor the tour around what we were looking to get out of it, so I don't think any two tours would be the same, which we appreciated. I would definitely recommend a tour with her at the beginning of your trip, as she did a wonderful job of helping get us acclimated to the city, sharing with us numerous helpful tips and teaching us how to get around using the Metro, which is a fantastic way to get around the city. We met so many other tourists that were nervous about trying the Metro and were stuck walking everywhere or taking cabs. Anne showed us some hidden gems along the way, but we also went up to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur at our request. She followed up on a few questions we had and emailed us afterward with the information about where we had gone and various recommendations she had made while with her. While we learned a great deal from her, we also had a very enjoyable time walking with her around the city and getting to know her. Merci beaucoup, Anne!

Jennifer H.

Anne met us when we first arrived in Paris and gave us a wonderful introduction to the city. She oriented us both to our neighborhood and to Paris. She showed us how to take the metro & bus and gave us great tips/resources that we used for the rest of our visit. Anne is very friendly & kind and was very patient and flexible with our jet lagged family. She adapted our orientation on the fly to best meet our needs. It was both enjoyable & highly useful. Thanks Anne for a great start to our vacation. Highly recommend! Jennifer - MA

Lynn Y.

Spending the afternoon with Anne was informative, alleviated any concerns about Paris and was entertaining as well. She was prompt, professional and prepared to address our personal interests. After the tour she provided via e-mail a summary of where we went and answers to any remaining questions. Job well done, Anne! Money and time well spent!! Highly recommended.

Kaitlin Y.

I'm in my early 30s and recently was in Paris with my parents. Anne's tour was a highlight of our visit. I'm not usually a "tour" person, but this was more like a knowledgeable friend sharing insights about the city. A few notes: - Anne sufficiently prepared for the tour, asking about our interests ahead of time and coming with ample ideas based on our direction - We opted for a focus on design and we loved all the concept shops, retail stores, and coffee spots that Anne took us to. - Beyond the main content, she also gave us practical, logistical advice - what metro tickets to buy, where to eat near our hotel, etc. - As a New Yorker, it was particularly nice to be led by someone who has the context of being an American yet is so immersed in Parisian culture. - I only wish it had been longer! The several hours flew by. - Anne followed up with a list of places we visited, additional suggestions she had mentioned, and even emailed me when I was in Nice the following day -- with a museum exhibit going on there that she thought we would enjoy. Highly recommended.

Christina H.

Whether you are visiting Paris for the first time or are a seasoned traveller looking to uncover new secrets in the city, this is the experience you're looking for. Anne is an incredible guide, navigating the narrow streets of Paris as you cross through arrondissement after arrondissement - she notes major points of interest while highlighting unique shops, galleries, and passageways that would otherwise go unnoticed. Her resources and knowledge of the city were not just limited to the tour itself, before meeting up Anne sent me a number of thoughtful emails filled with tips on restaurants, museum exhibits, and shops I might like, her recommendations were spot on and made all the difference during my limited time in the city. After our mini-adventure Anne sent a breakdown of all the places we had stopped on our walk - we covered quite a distance! I cannot recommend this experience enough for anyone who wants to see the Paris that exists beyond the usual tourist spots.

Miyeko H.

Ann was a great "navigator" teacher and taught me the basics of navigating Paris. Ann actually picked me up at my hotel so I could be better acquainted with my local neighborhood......restaurants, transportation, and shopping. She taught me the skills I needed to survive and enjoy Paris on my own. And how I enjoyed Paris with my new knowledge and skills!!

Odette C.

Anne was very helpful and informative when it comes to knowing how to get to place in Paris. Thanks to her, we did not get lost at all in the next few days of our stay!

Laurie H.

Whatever your interests, Anne makes a wonderful navigator. We wanted to explore the city and visit the weekend flea markets. Without her guidance we would never have found our destination! The markets were fantastic, and Anne dropped us at our transport point. Instead of wasting precious time in Paris getting lost, we made best use of it with Anne's help. Thank you Anne!

Susan F.

My husband and I met up with Anne our first day in Paris and she did a great job getting us acclimated to the city and the metro system. She was an excellent guide and tailored the tour to our interests. I loved how personable she was. It felt like a friend was showing us around the city. After our tour she emailed us a recap of what we saw as well as more information on the places we wanted to see during our week long stay. She also sent us an email the day before we left to remind us of daylight savings time which we totally forgot about and without that reminder we would have missed our flight. I am definitely going to recommend Anne to any of my friends or family visiting Paris.

Fu X.

We had a great visit with Anne. Enjoyed the company and getting to see parts of Paris that we were unfamiliar with. Cheers!

Pam B.

While visiting Paris to tour American University in Paris, Anne was incredible sharing her knowledge of the neighborhood, the school and her life experiences in Paris. Her recommendations from restaurants to pharmacies were right on. While walking the streets with her in the Marais and the 7th, Anne was chock full of advice on everything from history, shopping, Metro tips and personal experiences on navigating Paris. Our trip was so much more easy and culturally enriching with the tips that Anne shared. Merci Anne!